Deans' Office Directory

Main Phone: 752-0394 • Deans' Office Fax: 752-3490 • Advising Phone: 752-0392
Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies (Social Science and Humanities (SSH))Fax: 752-3490
Kaiser, SusanInterim Dean754-8920
Blake, IanAssistant Dean752-0274
Harrison, MilmonFaculty Assistant to the Dean for Undergraduate Education752-4087
Waters, ClaireFaculty Assistant to the Dean for Academic Personnel752-5153
Norris, MelanieExecutive Assistant752-3042
Cano, CelinaBusiness Analyst752-1058
Mattheis, JenniferPersonnel Analyst752-8858
Schwieso, LisaBudget Analyst752-0395
Mathematical & Physical Sciences (Everson Hall)Fax: 752-7957
Navrotsky, AlexandraInterim Dean754-8918
Augustine, MatthewFaculty Assistant to the Dean for Undergraduate Education754-7550
Tripathi , Mani Faculty Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs, Research & Graduate574-4246
Ligtenberg, TracyAssistant Dean752-3524
Reyes, LisaExecutive Assistant754-8918
Jackson, BillBudget Analyst754-9058
Hamiel, JaneAcademic & Staff Affairs Analyst754-9843
Von Eschen, LorenePersonnel Analyst752-1359
Shasky, KateAdvising Director752-5675
Pelstring, Kevin B.Advisor752-5079
Durias, Jasmine E.Advisor754-0464
Social SciencesFax: 752-4078
Zhang, LiInterim Dean754-8925
Feenstra, Robert Associate Dean for Academic Affairs754-8925
Swenson, Deborah Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Programs754-8925
Roth, StevenAssistant Dean752-0234
Parks, HeidiExecutive Assistant754-8924
Lewis , Jessica Instructional and Faculty Resources Analyst 752-0603
McLaughlin, NancyBudget Analyst752-0296
Parcell, RuthChief Facilities Planner and Safety Officer752-6164
Shorts, JennyPersonnel Analyst754-4812
Dellenback, YokeResearch Service Center Manager 752-3146
Phillips, JeremyDirector of Information Technology341-3567
Tapia, RobinManager of HR/Payroll Service Center752-4091
College Computing Services 
IT, SupportDSS and College IT Support752-8800
IT, SupportHArCS and College Relations & Development IT Support
IT, SupportMPS IT Support: Managed by DSS
College Relations & DevelopmentFax: 752-3490
Block, KarenDirector of Development - DSS754-2223
Hudson, JenniferDevelopment Budget Analyst754-5793
Krovoza, Janet Director of Development - DSS752-5005
Findley, ElishaDevelopment Program Manager754-2219
Tommeraason, PaigeExternal Relations Specialist752-3368
Day, Rachael External Relations Specialist752-8586
Sanders, PeterDirector of Development - MPS754-9313
Mattison, CharleneAssistant Dean754-2225
College Strategic Marketing and Communications 
Justice, DonnaDirector of Marketing and Communications601-3945 or 752-8778
Holder, KathleenContent Provider: Social Sciences 752-8585
Oskin, BeckyContent Provider: Mathematical and Physical Sciences754-2222
Day, JeffreyContent Provider: Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies(530) 219-8258
Rubin, MorissaSr. Graphic Designer752-0999
Deans' Office AdministrationFax: 752-3490
Wildermuth, AnneAcademic Personnel Assistant754-7421
Voight, JenniferEvents Manager754-8477
Chase, CrystynLaboratory Safety Professional, Environmental Health and Safety752-7271
Undergraduate Education & AdvisingFax: 752-0251
Siverson, RandolphAssociate Dean752-5898
Floyd, BethDirector752-5898
Grissom, TracyAssistant Director752-0392
Bentz, Cheryl Executive Assistant752-5898
Anthony Lopez, TessAcademic Counselor752-0392
Childs, MiriamAcademic Advisor752-0392
Dockter, BrennaAcademic Counselor752-0392
Dudley, Elizabeth Academic Counselor752-0392
Garibay, AlejandraInternational Academic Counselor752-0392
Graening, LetiaInternational Academic Counselor752-0392
Gutierrez, JanetAcademic Counselor752-0392
Haws, WendyAcademic Counselor752-0392
Mooney, SarahAcademic Counselor752-0392
O'Halloran, BrighidAcademic Advisor752-0392
Prettol, AndyInternational Academic Counselor752-0392
Reyes, MarkAcademic Counselor752-0392
Sluis, KathrynDegree Check Administrator752-0392
Sweeney, SaraAcademic Counselor752-0392
Valenzuela, MikeAcademic Counselor752-0392
Yee, CaitlynAcademic Counselor752-0392

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