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The College of Letters and Science has over 500 ladder-ranked faculty and over 350 staff, all who make a significant impact on the lives of our students, alumni, and friends.

Resources listed here are for current faculty and staff. If you are interested in a job at the College of Letters and Science, you can find the most recent job postings at the UC Davis job search engine (

Online Timesheet System

The Online Timesheet System is a replacement to paper-based time reporting methods used in departments. It is currently available to all departments within the College of Letters & Science (however, departments must sign up first). The Online Timesheet System is currently beginning a pilot program with a select group of departments, outside of the College, across the UC Davis campus, to explore the possibility of expadning the system for the entire UC Davis campus.

PPS Audit Exception Reporting System

The PPS Audit Exception Reporting System is an audit application available to all departments within the College of Letters & Science. This system looks at all records entered into PPS and validates the data against set business rules. Audit errors are generated for any discrepancies found. This tool is intended to help departments look for and correct common data entry errors in PPS. Additionally it presents user-friendly views of PPS data, including a timeline view of appointments and distributions, and recent PAN notices per employee. Access to the system is automatically given to any PPS user, based on the user's update access in PPS.

Teaching Call

Each year, the Letters and Science Deans' Office asks departments to evaluate their instructional programs and submit a request for any supplemental instructional support the department anticipates it will require. Requests are submitted using our online system.

Letters and Science Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee for the College of Letters and Science are: S. Carlip, Chair; B. Schildgen, Vice Chair; D. Abbott, J. Andrews, M. Augustine, L. Bernucci, A. Cheer, A. Ledgerwood; ex officio: Deans S. Kaiser (Interim), G. R. Mangun, A. Navrotsky (Interim); Associate Dean J. McClain.


Academic and Administrative Calendar

This Letters and Science maintained calendar includes important dates in many categories, from Academic dates, to Holidays, to Payroll dates. The dates are presented in an easy to read calendar view. This information is also available to all departments via a webservice.

Academic Personnel Forms and Checklists

Forms and checklists for working with academic personnel.

L&S Shared Code

Code samples are offered by the College of Letters & Science Deans' Office.

Deans' Office Directory

If you know the specific person you need to contact you can use our Staff Directory.

External Resources

UC Davis Academic Personnel

The Academic Personnel website contains information for academic personnel including the Academic Personnel Manual, Policies, Salary Scales, Forms and Checklists.

UC Davis Human Resources

The UC Davis Human Resources website contains information about Employee Benefits, Compensation, Labor Relations, UC Davis Policies, and more.

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