College of Letters and Science Annual Fund

Many of the majors and programs in the College of Letters and Science intersect across disciplines and foster strong relationships, which benefit members of both the campus and the local community. By making your gift today, you are helping to offer limitless possibility to the next generation – providing students with an excellent education that will prepare them to take on tomorrow.

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Your support can:

  • Create new courses and new areas of study:  In an ever-changing world, there is always a demand for new majors and new programs. Your support helps the college respond to this need.  For instance, in recent  years the college has created a new Middle East/South Asia Studies undergraduate major, a new major in pharmaceutical chemistry, and a new minor in writing.  
  • Develop innovative teaching methods and new technology for the classroom:  Until  recently, it could be difficult for Physics 7A instructors to know if their lectures were sinking in with their 200-plus students. Now professors can ask a question of the group, and instantly see how many people are following along, thanks to electronic “clickers” which register multiple choice answers remotely.  In addition, professors are “podcasting” their lectures (creating downloadable audio files) and using class web sites to augment class discussion.
  • Support Programs that Enrich Student Life:  Some of the most memorable learning experiences happen when we least expect them. Field studies, travel abroad for a quarter, seeing an exhibit or performance: these experiences foster new connections and present the world from diverse points of view.  Your support helps create a rich cultural, political and social environment.  For instance, students have the opportunity to see, and converse with,  highly respected speakers. Last year, the campus hosted a speakers series of world-renowned physics scholars and leaders of scientific thought, expert economists who debated health care, sociologists examining issues in Iran, and a psychiatrist who studies the intersection of music and medicine.
  • Attract and retain passionate scholars and dedicated teachers: A critical factor in maintaining the high quality of the college  is the ability to attract and retain dedicated teachers and researchers. Quality educators and role models make the biggest difference in students’ futures. UC Davis regularly competes with schools like Harvard and Stanford for outstanding candidates. Last year, donor support helped recruit a new assistant professor in Jewish studies, a new director for Women and Gender Studies, and two new Chemistry faculty specializing in energy research.
  • Research that will help change lives worldwide: Did you know that the College of Letters and Science provides the chance for undergraduates to do research projects that are typically restricted to graduate students? The college is an active research center where students and faculty work together on the tough problems facing our world today.  Annual fund dollars to support buildings, labs and equipment help both students and faculty make strides in research. A great example is the California Lighting Technology Center, which is part of our design department. It is making important advances in energy efficiency, helping create new ways of lighting our homes and places of business to cut our energy usage. And, if you are on campus, check out the Keck CAVES, which geologists use to map data in three dimensions – so they can look at earthquake patterns, rock formations, and actual mathematical data in animation.  
  • Scholarships and Fellowships. Thanks to your support, outstanding students who have the need, and desire to attend UC Davis are able to do so. More than 40% of the students in our freshman class this year were the first in their family to attend university.  The support you give for student scholarships helps these students and others realize the dream of a college education. Your gift will have a direct impact on the students and faculty of the College of Letters and Science – making a great education accessible and affordable.

It's easy to give to the College of Letters and Science Annual Fund:

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College of Letters and Science Annual Fund
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The Herbert A. Young Society

Donors of $1,000 or more each year become members of the Herbert A. Young Society and enjoy a relationship with deans and invitations to special events.

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