Whether your child is currently a student at the College of Letters and Science, or if your child is considering attending the college, you can rest assured that his or her education is our priority. The college educates over 15,000 students each year, and more than 11,000 of those students choose a major in the college. Our mission to open doors for your student is in earnest – the time spent here will be challenging, rewarding and ultimately life-changing. With internationally recognized faculty and an environment that allows students a unique access to that faculty, the College of Letters and Science can make a tremendous impact on your student's education and future career. Some helpful links about the college are below, giving you a sense of the college, its strengths and its community.

About the College of Letters and Science

Learn why the College of Letters and Science is home to top-ranked departments, exciting research, exceptional educational opportunities, and opportunities outside the classroom for your student's growth.

UC Davis' Aggie Family Pack

The Aggie Family Pack provides a special link from the university to parents of current students. Keep up with your students through this university-wide program.

College Currents

Stay up-to-date on the many events, discoveries, and people that make the news in the College of Letters and Science by subscribing to our free magazine, College Currents.

Financial Aid Office

Information on student fees and loans.


Honoring graduating seniors, the commencement ceremonies are held in December and June each year. Follow the above link for more information about the upcoming commencement ceremony.

Other Resources for Parents

This page takes you to the university-wide parents resource page, designed for parents of incoming and prospective students, as well as parents of current students.

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