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Gifts large and small make all the difference to the College of Letters and Science. Thank you for your interest in making a gift. You can make a gift in a few different ways:

  • Online (see below for details of how you can access specific departments and programs in the college, as well as the college's general funds.
  • Mail: Mail your contribution, in whatever amount you choose. Checks payable to UC Davis Foundation, and include in the memo section where you would like your gift to be designated:   Attention:  College Relations and Development, College of Letters and Science, UC Davis, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA   95616-8572
  • Contact us: Office hours are M-F, 8am - 5pm. (530)752-3429

Make a Gift Online

You can make a gift online to more than 75 funds, departments, and programs. Your gift, no matter the amount, makes a significant difference.

College of Letters and Science Funds

The college has set up several funds that allow your gift to go to those who need it most:

Designate a Department, Program or Fund

You can designate your gift to any of the 50+ departments, programs or other funds within the College of Letters and Science by clicking to this fund list to go directly to an online giving form.

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