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  • Anna Escobedo Cabral, B.A., Political Science, ’87, United States treasurer, 2005-09
  • Josh “DJ Shadow” Davis, B.A., Rhetoric and Communications, ’95, chart-topping DJ/musician
  • Delaine Eastin, B.A., Political Science, ’69, former state schools superintendent, four-term California Assembly member, UC Davis Medal recipient
  • Larry Fahn, B.A., Rhetoric, ’76, former president of the Sierra Club
  • Karen Joy Fowler, M.A., Political Science, ’74,  author of The Jane Austen Book Club, Sarah Canary, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and other acclaimed books.
  • Jeff Gorell, B.A., History, ’92, attorney, commander and intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and former California Assembly member
  • Gus Lee, B.A., Political Science, ’69, J.D., ’76, author of critically-acclaimed novel China Boy
  • Angel Martinez, B.A., Rhetoric, ’77, co-founder, Reebok USA, CEO, Deckers Corp.
  • Tim McCarthy, B.A., Economics and International Relations, ’73, former president of Charles Schwab and Co., former CEO and chair of Nikko Asset Management and author of The Safe Investor
  • Grant Rosenberg, B.A., Political Science and Communications, ’74, Hollywood executive and writer
  • Jackie Speier, B.A., Political Science, ’72, member of U.S. Congress
  • David Hurst Thomas, B.A., ‘67, MA, ‘68, Ph.D., ‘71, Anthropology, curator, American Museum of Natural History, National Academy of Sciences member
  • Ann Veneman, B.A., Political Science, ’70, former executive director of UNICEF and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Fast Facts

Interim Dean: Li Zhang
Faculty Members: 266
Undergraduate Student Majors: 7,420
Graduate Students: 509
2012-2013 Philanthropic Contributions: $3.86 million
2012-2013 Research Awards: $18 million

U.S. News & World Report’s “America's Best Graduate Schools 2014”* 

  • Economics: 32
  • History: 27
  • U.S. Colonial History: 9
  • Political Science: 23
  • Comparative Politics: 15
  • Political Methodology: 15
  • Psychology: 21
  • Sociology: 31
  • Sex and Gender: 10

*most recent rankings

National Research Council Rankings 

  • Anthropology: 7-21 out of 82

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Notable Faculty Achievements

California Academy of Sciences fellow:

Guggenheim Fellowship:

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows:

Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Media Psychology Award:

2012 IZA Young Labor Economist Award:

Annaliese Maier Research Award:

American Academy of Arts and Sciences members:

National Academy of Sciences member:

Charles P. Nash Award:

Pulitzer Prize:

UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement

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