About the Division of Social Sciences

Read and download information about the Division of Social Sciences. Learn more about the high rankings that the departments in the division have garnered over the years, and read about the outstanding faculty and alumni that are part of the division.


About the Division of Social Sciences

As the largest division in the College of Letters and Science, the Division of Social Sciences brings together scientists, scholars, teachers, and students eager to ask and answer questions about ourselves and our world. From the study of humankind through anthropologists' research on the seven continents, to solving the intricate mysteries of the mind in psychology and neuroscience, social scientists look for ways of understanding all aspects of humans and human behavior.


About the College of Letters and Science

The College of Letters and Science is the largest of the schools and colleges, in the UC’s most comprehensive university. The college is made up of three divisions encompassing the broadest offering of disciplines at UC Davis: Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The college’s 650+ faculty members teach the core curriculum for virtually all 23,000 undergraduate students in the university as well as mentoring thousands of graduate students pursuing more than 50 fields of interest in the college.