Programs in the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is made up of departments, programs and centers, which can be found here. There are also many interdisciplinary research and teaching initiatives that are part of the division.

CNL: Crocker Nuclear Laboratory

The Crocker Nuclear Lab houses a medium-energy particle accelerator, the Davis 76-inch isochronous cyclotron, with associated facilities and scientific and technical personnel. The unique capabilities of the 76-inch cyclotron and related facilities at CNL have been utilized by scientists and engineers from private industry, universities and government agencies.

CSE: Center for Computational Science and Engineering

The Center designs computational models and simulations for studies of complicated physical, chemical, and biological systems. The Center also has strong ties with the mathematics, engineering and computer science research being done on campus.

Energy For The Future

The Energy for the Future Initiative at UC Davis is an interdisciplinary program that focuses all current energy efforts into a single coordinated program. It targets three areas: energy for transportation systems, renewable energy, and energy at the molecular frontier.

John Muir Institute of the Environment

The John Muir Institute supports innovation and discovery aimed at solving real-world environmental problems.

Mathematics and Science Teaching (MAST) Program

A program dedicated to increasing the number and quality of mathematics and science teachers.

Universe @ UC Davis

Experimental exploration of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Centered on the LSST, and directed by Tony Tyson, Universe@UCDavis is a collaboration between Physics, CS, Math, and Statistics departments.

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