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Opening Doors for Future Leaders

The College of Letters and Science offers limitless possibilities for undergraduate and graduate students. By following the links below, you can learn more about the exciting research, new career paths, and essential education that the College of Letters and Science offers.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can choose from a breadth of majors from humanities and arts, to social sciences, to mathematics and basic sciences. And with the accessibility of faculty at the college, undergraduates have a unique opportunity to do research and thesis projects if they choose to do so. The endless opportunities offered within the college help to open doors for a post-college career.

Graduate Students

Graduate students have the chance to work with some of the best-known faculty and researchers in the world in any given number of topics. Top-ranked departments in economics, writing, physics, chemistry, math, and the fine arts, as well as a chance to study with some of the best resources in a university setting, attract the top graduate students in the country.

Prospective Students

A rigorous education from the top-ranked College of Letters and Science will open many doors for you in your career. Exploring this website, visiting the college, and talking to students and faculty can give you a better idea of the exciting projects and activities that take place at the college every day.

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Michael Souza: Major in Spanish and Political Science.

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Students Make the News for Awards, Accomplishments
Students make the news for their accomplishments.