Have it All in the College of Letters and Science

Critical thinking. Intellectual exploration. Versatility.
Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

Devon: A Double Major Story

What Can You Do with a Liberal Arts Degree? Everything!

Did you know most employers prefer to hire liberal arts majors? In today’s global economy, where flexibility and innovation are king, liberal arts majors have what it takes to think big and lead. Even better news: it may not matter which major you choose. “Demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems” are all more important than your choice of major. (Source: 2013 American Association of Colleges and University survey)

So, following your passions could be a great starting point to a life filled with possibilities.

The UC Davis College of Letters and Science offers more than 110 majors and minors, making it easy for you to find a subject that sparks your passion and prepares you for success well beyond college. With the solid foundation of a liberal arts degree from UC Davis, you will graduate with world-class skills in research, communication and leadership, empowering you to adapt and thrive in any number of careers.

Double the Opportunity. Unlimited possibilities. Not ready to commit to one major? You might consider taking a double major or adding a minor or two. Our advisors are here to help you navigate your choices and advise you the pros and cons of whatever path you choose. At UC Davis, the path you follow is yours to make. Discover how other students pursued their passions. 

Avery Hom

Avery Hom '20. Avery is majoring in History and English. Interested in a career in law or marketing, Avery cites the power of both majors to prepare him for whatever career lies ahead.

Janine Klein

Janine Klein '17. A double major in Anthropology and Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology has helped Janine understand human-wildlife conflicts and forge a career path full of possibilities.

Learn More About Our Majors One of the best ways to learn about our majors is to explore student and alumni experiences. Why did others choose a major in the College of Letters and Science? What kinds of careers have alumni pursued?

Blog: What Can I Do with My Major?

In spring 2017, UC Davis launched a blog all about UC Davis majors. Because the College of Letters and Science offers half of all undergraduate majors at UC Davis, many of our majors, students and alumni are featured. Browse through these featured articles to learn more about how you can “have it all” in the College of Letters and Science.

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You Can’t Go Wrong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music 

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