Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

Creative arts, cultural literacy, literary analysis and expression, performance, writing, language: these are the core humanities disciplines forming the bedrock of HArCS. We offer nationally ranked programs that inspire incomparable work here at UC Davis – and diverse collaborations across divisions, across campus, across the globe. We are proud to bring the best and brightest together: to create new ideas, new work and inspired solutions to our globe’s most pressing problems.

Our Focus

Attending to past, present and emergent cultural formations and interpreting culture becomes ever more important as global communication technologies, transnational political forces and environmental concerns reshape our knowledge both of ourselves and others. HArCS is committed to teaching and scholarship in the core humanities disciplines that have long been at the heart of the modern comprehensive research university, encouraging the development of new collaborative units that emerge from within and between disciplines. We frequently connect to parallel inquiries in the social and natural sciences in response to the shifts in intellectual focus called forth by a changing world.

Our commitment to cultural literacy encompasses the basic but complex skills of reading and writing in English and in other languages, as well as the skills of performance and creative expression in the arts. We conduct critical and analytical inquiry into the forms and conditions of literary and aesthetic expression, past and present, and of the social and demographic imagination. Through faculty research and publication and in our graduate and undergraduate teaching we participate fully in UC Davis' focus on regional, national and global priorities.