Dean's Awards

The Division of Social Sciences Dean's Awards program recognizes some of the contributions that faculty and staff have made to the division and to UC Davis. 

2016 Recipients

Innovation Awards

faculty award recipients with the dean

Meg (Margaret) Crofoot, Diana Davis, Corrie Decker, Dean Li Zhang, Giovanni Peri, Alan M. Taylor. Not pictured: Erin Hamilton.

$1000 research awards — These awards may be for Senate or Federation scholars whose recent work demonstrates exceptional innovation in research and scholarship.

Meg (Margaret) Crofoot, Anthropology

Diana Davis, History 

Corrie Decker, History 

Erin Hamilton, Sociology

Giovanni Peri, Economics

Alan M. Taylor, Economics

Staff Accomplishment Award

award recipients

Grace Woods, Benjamin Leung, Sheline Calvert, Lynn Park, Dean Li Zhang, Caitlyn McCarthy and Patricia Schuler.

$1000 staff professional development awards — Staff members in any title who have displayed exceptional leadership and/or accomplishment in supporting the mission of the university in research/scholarship, teaching and service.

Sheline Calvert, DSS Administrative Green Cluster

Benjamin Leung, DSS IT Service Center

Caitlyn McCarthy, DSS Administrative Yellow Cluster

Lynn Park, DSS Administrative Blue Cluster

Patricia Schuler, DSS Administrative Yellow Cluster

Grace Woods, DSS Administrative Blue Cluster

Doctoral Fellowships for Excellence

doctoral fellowship recipients

Jaime Jackson, Grace Benefield, Dean Li Zhang, Jo Hale, Shan (Zoe) Lin, William San Martín.  Not pictured: Yi Zhou.

$1000 research awards — These awards are for doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy and whose graduate record of achievement demonstrates exceptional achievement in research and scholarship.

Grace Benefield, Communication

Jo Hale, Sociology

Jaime Jackson, Political Science

Shan (Zoe) Lin, History

William San Martín, History

Yi Zhou, Anthropology


Dean's Leadership Award

award recipient and the dean

Anthropology Professor Smriti Srinivas and Dean Li Zhang

$1000 research/development award — This award may be for a Senate or Federation scholar, staff member, postdoctoral fellow, graduate or undergraduate student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing the mission of the university. Funds for this award were generously provided by Cindy and Jeff Traum.

Smriti Srinivas, Anthropology

Post Doctoral Fellowships for Excellence

award recipient with the dean

Dean Li Zhang and award recipient Sara Freeman.

$1000 research award — This award is for a postdoctoral scholar whose record of achievement demonstrates exceptional achievement in research and scholarship. Funds for this award were generously provided by Kim and Kevin Bacon.

Sara Freeman, California National Primate Research Center–BMB (Brain, Mind, And Behavior), nominated by Psychology

Dean's Award for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

$1000 research/development award — This award is for an undergraduate or graduate student, Senate or Federation scholar, or staff member whose efforts reflect the campus commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equity.

Susan Rivera, Psychology 

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