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College of Letters and Science Magazine 
Spring 2016

The Interconnectivity of Our World

We live in an increasingly complex and connected world. At the UC Davis College of Letters and Science, we thrive at the intersections of art and science, technology and community, East and West. Where others may see distinctions and difference, we see opportunities and unity for collaborative research and community building. We employ an interdisciplinary lens in looking at our world and our work.

This issue focuses on the theme of interconnection woven through the research and initiatives featured in this issue of the College of Letters and Science Magazine: from the Complexity Science Center with its focus on chaos theory and complex networks; to the research of communications professor Martin Hilbert who studies the evolution of digital information and its effects on societies; to the participatory and immersive art of Jiayi Young, a professor of design with master’s degrees in atomic physics and fine arts.

Our search for answers and the knowledge we create rest at the frontiers of discovery. Diverse collaborations across disciplines, genres and cultures position the college to seed innovation and generate an exchange of ideas that can move our globe forward.

Featured Content

Collective Chaos Spawns a New Science — Explore the physics of information and the intersection of big data and science.

KeckCAVES: Celebrating Ten Years at the Forefront of 3-D Data Visualization — An immersive 3-D environment for the earth sciences.

Visualizing a Dream: John Bikoba (M.S., geophysics, '15) — Alumnus John Bikoba describes his journey from the DR Congo to Davis.

Launching a Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science — Tea initiative will examine the world's most popular prepared beverage from every angle.

Saving an Endangered Language — Native American Studies professor helps California’s Hoopa tribe keep language alive.

A Focus on Iran and Persian Studies — UC Davis expands Persian literature, language courses.

Growing Interest in Iranian Art Opens Door for Global Art History — Art history professor’s book on contemporary Iranian art sets stage for expanding field.

Shiva Ahmadi’s Art Blends the Beautiful and Beastly — Art professor taps into her Iranian heritage to creative contemporary art with serious content.

Sharing Science: Faculty Translate Knowledge through Conversation, Teaching and Entertainment — Learn how faculty bring science directly to the public.

Our Cyborg Future: Could Digital Data Out-Evolve Us? — Digital data is growing so fast, a social scientist and biologists say it's time to study its potential to evolve.

Measuring the Human Heart Through Art and Science — Design professor uses high tech and data to make moving artworks.

TANA: Where Art-Making Provides Vision of the Future — Chicana and Chicano studies center connects UC Davis with young people and a community.

Cross-Cultural Study Finds Self-Esteem Gender Gap Wider in Western World — Psychology professor examines effects of gender and age on self-esteem worldwide.

Breaking Free: Feminist Research Institute Looks Toward Future — UC Davis launches institute to examine how sex, gender and race shape the production of scientific knowledge.

Arts and Humanities Benefit from Grad's Passion: Alan Templeton (B.A., art history, psychology, '82) — Alan Templeton’s support enriches education and lives of UC Davis students.

'Super Lawyer' Gives Back: Chuck Louderback (B.A., history, '76) — Alumnus savors the vibrant view of  campus life that comes with volunteering.  

Young Alum Wins New Scholarship for Study in China: James Rizzo (B.A., political science, '15) — Rizzo among 111 members of the inaugural class of Schwarzman Scholars.

Students Thrive with Support from Scholarships: Rose Trulin and Chloe Tsudama — Gift to scholarship funds can make a big difference in student success as these two students explain.

New Class Helps First-Year Students Succeed — UC Davis launched a new class in 2015 to help students adjust to college life.

Every Class is a Collaboration for Teaching Award Winner: Frances Dolan — English professor serves Shakespeare, children’s literature and food at the teaching table.