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We are pleased to present our annual alumni magazine at a time when many of us are reflecting on events and accomplishments of the past year, celebrating with friends and family, and looking forward with excitement and optimism to the new year.

This is a time of great change and promise at UC Davis. Nowhere is our promise more evident than at the College of Letters and Science. Here, we have a front row seat on the future, at the very heart of the university where virtually every student takes a course and nearly half of all undergraduates choose a major. Preparing students to thrive in the multidisciplinary, communication-intensive 21st century world of work is one of our greatest strengths as a college. One need only look to our accomplished alumni to see the proof. 

In this issue, we feature stories and profiles that illustrate the many ways we serve our students, in the classroom and out. For instance, we highlight myriad opportunities for students to practice what they are learning in real world environments and to help them prepare for fulfilling careers after they graduate. We do this through hands-on learning, networking, internship opportunities, connecting students with professionals and potential employers, and by providing opportunities to apply their learning through work with community organizations and nonprofits. Alumni profiles provide just a glimpse into the interesting careers our graduates have embarked upon as a result of their time at UC Davis. 

In the College of Letters and Science, we also encourage undergraduates to dive into research and take advantage of a wide array of opportunities to put their questions and ideas to the test, from partnering with faculty on cutting-edge research and novel new applications, to collaborating with other students in a gaming lab, to presenting research findings at conferences and symposia. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our students and alumni, as well as catching up on college news and faculty research. 

All the best for a fulfilling season and new year,

Susan B. Kaiser, Interim Dean, Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

Li Zhang, Interim Dean, Social Sciences

Alexandra Navrotsky, Interim Dean, Mathematical and Physical Sciences