Notable Rankings

The College of Letters and Science at UC Davis is proud to demonstrate its excellence in education, teaching, enrichment, research and impact. Below are some recent rankings.

Graduate Programs

U.S. News & World Report’s "America's Best Graduate Schools" rank several graduate programs among the top in the nation:

  • 35th Chemistry (2015)
  • 34th Computer Science (2015)
  • 20th Earth Sciences (2015)
  • 29th Economics (2018)
  • 20th English (2018)
  • 27th Fine Arts (2018)
  • 12th Fine Arts: Ceramics (2013)
  • 17th Geology (2010)
  • 32nd History (2018)
  • 9th History: U.S. Colonial History (2014)
  • 34th Mathematics (2015)
  • 13th Mathematics: Topology (2010)
  • 29th Physics (2015)
  • 17th Political Science (2018)
  • 15th Political Science: Comparative Politics (2014)
  • 15th Political Science: Political Methodology (2014)
  • 26th Psychology (2018)
  • 30th Sociology (2018)
  • 10th Sociology: Sex & Gender (2014)
  • 27th Statistics (2015)

Rated Highly by Students

Reviews by current and recent graduate students, compiled by Graduateprograms.com, give high marks to programs in its 2015 rankings. (Rankings below are based on scores given by 50 or more respondents on academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid, quality of network and other categories.) 

  • 4th Anthropology 
  • 20th Chemistry 
  • 9th Physics 
  • 16th Political Science 
  • 11th Psychology 

Globally Renowned

Economics, chemistry, mathematics and physics made the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities by China's Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

  • 38th Chemistry
  • 29th Mathematics
  • Top 100 Economics/business 
  • Top 150 Physics

More Rankings

Composition: The University Writing Program is among the top 11 in the nation for instruction of writing across the discplines (U.S. News & World Report’s “2014 Best Colleges”).

Cool Class: Geology 136: Ecogeomorphology was one of the featured classes in Sierra Magazine's "Cool Schools: Fantasy Draft" (September/October 2010): "Students get their feet wet during this multidisciplinary, 12-person class about watershed issues."

Diversifying physics: The Statistical Research Center of the American Institute of Physics ranked UC Davis among the top 20 in degrees awarded in physics to Hispanic Americans.

Fine Arts: The UC Davis fine arts program is rated in the top 100 by U.S. College Rankings (2010).

National Research Council Rankings 

Ph.D. programs rank well in the National Research Council's latest comprehensive survey of research doctorate programs in the United States. The 2010 report, based on data collected in 2006, assigned each program a range of rankings. (Read more about the report.)

Anthropology: Between 7th and 21st among 82 programs
Applied Mathematics: Between 4th and 15th among 33 programs
Comparative Literature: Between 14th and 28th among 46 programs
Economics: Between 29th and 44th among 117 programs
English: Between 44th and 75th among 119 programs
French: Between 22nd and 34th among 43 programs
Geography: Between 10th and 30th among 49 programs
Geology: Between 46th and 95th among 140 programs
History: Between 40th and 68th among 137 programs
Mathematics: Between 9th and 33rd among 127 programs
Music: Between 12th and 28th among 63 programs
Neuroscience: Between 25th and 69th among 94 programs
Performance Studies: Between 4th and 16th among 27 programs
Philosophy: Between 53rd and 76th among 90 programs
Physics: Between 31st and 90th among 161 programs
Political Science: Between 7th and 26th among 105 programs
Psychology: Between 21st and 57th among 236 programs
Sociology: Between 48th and 77th among 118 programs
Spanish: Between 1st and 6th among 60 programs
Statistics: Between 12th and 24th among 61 programs

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