Principal Investigator (PI) Bridge Program

The Office of Research has announced their support of the PI Bridge Award Program. This program allows faculty to receive research funding support should they be in the unfortunate situation of having either lost their extramural funding or will lose their primary extramural funding.

Effective 2017-18, the program will revert to the Office of Research for administration. The good news is that the program has been enhanced with investment from campus leadership which will allow the program to equally support eligible PI’s to the program’s maximum level.

The Dean's Office will work with our L&S departments to meet the required match for securing the Office of Research funds. Some important items to consider regarding the PI Bridge Application are:

  1. The bridge program funding applies when a recurring grant unexpectedly loses continued funding.
  2. A one-time grant with a fixed period of performance, which ends at the end of the pre-defined funding period is not eligible for bridge funds.
  3. For PI’s with multiple grants, particularly those with 3 or more grants, our expectation is that PI would work first to accommodate personnel paid by the non-renewed grants on other grants. Request for bridge funding should provide an explanation of efforts made to shift personnel to the other grants.
  4. The department and Dean’s Office expected cost-share is 40% in order to secure the remaining 60% from the Office of Research.

Departments should send completed faculty applications with the subject line: “Principal Investigator Bridge Program” to Any inquiries can also be directed to the same email.

Applications can be submitted throughout the academic year.

For the Office of Research guidelines:

For the Applications: