Publication Assistance Fund

August 5, 2014

All Senate Faculty

Division of Social Sciences

University of California, Davis

Re: Publication Assistance Fund


To assist Senate faculty, particularly those early in their career, with the publication of important scholarly books by defraying certain costs which would not normally be covered by the publisher, thus enhancing the possibility for the work to be published.

Source of funding:

Co-sponsored by the Office of Research and the Division of Social Sciences.


  1. Funding made available to Senate faculty only.
  2. Books to be scholarly in nature, representative of University of California standards, and under contract with a recognized academic publisher.
  3. Funds to be expended for costs associated which are not normally covered by the publisher, including artwork, permissions costs, translations, indexing, copying, and mailing costs.
  4. Maximum total funding per book of $3,000, split equally between the Office of Research and the Division of Social Sciences.
  5. All funding must be approved by both the Dean of the Division of Social Sciences and the Vice Chancellor – Research.
  6. Award may be made only once to an individual. Individuals who have previously received similar funding through another unit, such as the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, are ineligible for an award through the Division of Social Sciences.
  7. Preference is given to junior faculty.

Faculty who wish to be considered for funding should submit a brief (1-2 page) memorandum to the Associate Dean with a description of the book and the publisher as well as a tentative budget as to how the funds will be expended. Applicants should also review the Office of Research guidelines and complete the form. Applicants can expect a formal response within a few weeks from the date of submission.


Robert Feenstra

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Division of Social Sciences