Academic Year Salary Recovery from Extramural Grants

The Office of Research has informed us that recovery of faculty academic year salary from extramural research grants is allowable within federal and university policy. Faculty can be paid up to 50% of their academic year salary from extramural funds as long as their remaining effort is distributed between teaching, service and professional responsibilities. There will be no release from the faculty member's normal teaching duties for salary recovery from extramural grants. The general fund salary savings gained by moving a portion of a faculty member's salary to extramural grants will be distributed as follows – 75% to the principal investigator, 15% to the department or center and 10% to the dean's office. Because the division does not receive funding for the full salary and benefits for its appointments, the distributions made under the salary recovery program are calculated on salary ONLY, excluding benefits.

Please note that faculty can still buyout courses as they have done in the past in addition to paying part of their academic year salary from grants. For example, Professor X requests 2 course buyouts from grant A and asks to be paid 25% annually from grant B. In this scenario, grant A would be charged for two course buyouts (equivalent to 22% of academic year annual salary) and the faculty member would be released from teaching two courses. In addition, 25% of the faculty member's academic year salary would be charged to the Grant B and the general fund salary savings (salary recovery) incurred would be distributed as follows: 75% of the academic year salary savings would be returned to the PI, 15% would be returned to the department or center and 10% to the Dean's Office. There will be no release from teaching for salary recovery. The combined percentages for buyouts and extramural salary recovery cannot be over 50%.

Benefits will be charged proportionally for cost sharing. For example, if a faculty member is paid 10% from an extramural grant and 90% from general funds, the grant will be charged 10% of the benefits.

Please note: In cases where the faculty member’s salary exceeds the NIH salary cap, please consult with department staff for policy on how the difference above the salary cap is to be funded.

To participate in the salary recovery program, please send an email to Interim Dean Li Zhang ( with a copy to Nancy McLaughlin ( Include the percentage of time paid on grant(s) and the beginning and ending dates.