Graduate Studies

Graduate Students

The more than 1,500 graduate students at the College of Letters and Science are an essential reason for the college's strengths, through innovative research, creative programs and activities, and vital assistance in teaching. Master's and doctoral degrees can be obtained in over 40 areas of study in the college, and there are significant opportunities for personal interactions with faculty and other graduate students.

As a whole, UC Davis is well-known for its Graduate Groups, which have been an important interdisciplinary part of the university for decades.

To learn more about the graduate programs offered at UC Davis, including those associated with departments and disciplines within the College of Letters & Science, visit the Graduate Studies website.

Helpful Links

Office of Research

The Office of Research gives you access to information on research across the university, including forms for Office of Research contracts and grants.

Office of Graduate Studies

The university-wide department and resource for all graduate students.

Graduate Groups

Approximately 40 majors are governed by graduate groups, collaborations between faculty and students to make the most out of the work done in that department.


More information on grant applications can be found in the Office of Research and Office of Graduate Studies pages. Also, find out about applying for a grant or other external funding.

Fees and Tuition Information

Current fees and tuition can be found here.

For more information on paying for your graduate school experience, go to the Office of Financial Aid.